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As in all larger German cities, housing is scarce and expensive in Cologne. At the beginning of the semester, demand for rental apartments, flats and rooms is especially high. We strongly recommend that you start looking for accommodation at least three or four months prior to your planned date of arrival. Here you can find some important information and tips for house hunting.

Unfortunately, it happens again and again that students who are looking for an apartment come across apartment fraudsters. Please pay particular attention to the following points when looking at online offers:

1) In Germany, you only pay the rent once you have signed the rental agreement. Therefore, please do not pay any rent or "agency fee" from abroad. The pre-payment of a deposit can happen, but make sure that it is a serious offer.

2) Check whether the apartment address actually exists.

3) Be vigilant if a particularly cheap/large apartment is offered and the landlord is allegedly abroad.

4) The apartment key of private apartments will never be sent to you abroad. It will be handed over to you once you are in Cologne.