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for Erasmus/ Short-term Students

Each module ends with a so-called "module exam". Exam types differ across modules and include written, oral, and combined examinations. Which type of exam you need to take at the end of a module is stipulated in the Module guide for Erasmus-/Short-term Students.

Exam period
The exam period at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities usually lasts from the last week of lectures until the end of the semester break (winter semester: until March 31 / summer semester: until September 30). Many module exams are held in the last week of lectures or during the first three weeks of the semester break. A few are scheduled at a later date. Central submission date for term papers is March 15 in the winter semester and September 15 in the summer semester.

IMPORTANT: All students who wish to take exams must register for their module exams on time via KLIPS 2.0!

Please pay close attention to exam registration windows in KLIPS 2.0 (they vary across modules). Exam registration usually opens in mid-November (winter semester) or mid-May (summer semester).

Exam registration - Instructions for short-term students at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities