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Transcript of Records

for Erasmus/ Short-term Students

At the end of the stay, most exchange students require a "Transcript of Records" (ToR) to document their academic achievements at the University of Cologne (courses taken, ECTS credits earned and grades received).

IMPORTANT: Your Transcript of Records will not be issued automatically!

Here is how you get it:

Once your exams have been marked, lecturers will enter your grades in KLIPS 2.0 and send them to the examination’s office for validation. As soon as the examination's office has validated the grades, they will appear on KLIPS 2.0 (see "Transcript of Records" > "Print Transcript"). Winter semester grades are usually released in March or April, summer semester grades in September or October.

In case you have a tight deadline at your home university, ask your lecturers to send your grades to the examination's office as soon as possible. Note, however, that lecturers can send your grades only after the official exam date shown in KLIPS 2.0!

If you have completed full modules, credit points will appear automatically in KLIPS 2.0 once your grades have been validated. If you have taken workload-reduced options, ZIB PhilFak needs to enter your credit points manually. 

Please send an e-mail to philfak-incomings(at) once all your grades are shown on KLIPS 2.0 to ask for finalization of your Transcript of Records!

Following your e-mail, ZIB PhilFak will enter missing credit points (if necessary), seal your Transcript of Records and send it to you by email. Upon request, we will send a hard copy by post as well.

Please note that without an official seal your Transcript of Records is invalid!